Eugene’s Old House Advocate Since 1977    •    CCB#63229
Marv Glover

I specialize in remodels, repairs, and additions that are true to the beauty and character of older houses in Eugene.

I believe the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” applies to houses. This why I choose to work on old homes. It also informs my approach. The craftsmanship and style of a home renovation should match the rest of the house. This has many advantages for the home owner. Carefully designed and well crafted work lasts longer. The aesthetics of your old home are already classic. Renovations that follow this style won’t end up looking dated (so last decade) in the future.

Please look through examples of the work I’ve done. This is arranged by project and by type of room.



Contact Information

  1. Phone:    (541) 345-2753

  2. Fax:        (541) 687-7914

  3. e-mail:

Resume in Brief

  1. Licensed Contractor

  2. Over 30 years experience

  3. U of O Architecture degree